Pure SSD Dedicated Hosting Pricing

ServerMemory ModuleMySQL Database (MariaDB)Setup FeesE - Mail Accounts SupportedDomain AllowedMonthly BandwidthDisk Space 20 X FASTER SDDFree WhmcsPricePackagesOrder Now
Intel® Xeon® Processor 2.5 ~ 2.66 GHzMemory Module: 16 GBStorage type: 1 TB EnterpriseFreeUnlimited10 Addon DomainsUnlimitedStorage type: 750 GB EnterpriseFree Whmcs$65.00 /MonthlyCOURAGEOrder Now
INTEL ® XEON™Memory Module: 16 GBUnlimitedFreeUnlimited15 Addon DomainsUnlimitedStorage type: 1 TB EnterpriseFree Whmcs$75.00 /MonthlyCHAMPIONOrder Now
INTEL ® XEON™Memory Module: 32 GBUnlimitedFreeUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedStorage type: 1.5 TB EnterpriseFree Whmcs$85 /MonthlyBUSINESSOrder Now
INTEL ® XEON™Memory Module: 32 GBUnlimitedFreeUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedStorage type: 2 TB EnterpriseFree Whmcs$95.00 /MonthlyADVANCEOrder Now

Our Dedicated SSD Hosting Plan is what you need.

Choose our blazing fast Dedicated plans for up to 20X faster page loads than competing services. Our SSD Hosting servers utilize RAID cards with battery-backed non-volatile caching. This means that in the event of sudden power loss, any data yet to be written will be stored in cache until the server is brought back to normal operation. Inbound data will then be written and stored as if nothing happened. Currently we are offering a *FREE SSL* with TURBO Plan. We back it up! When you buy one of our Dedicated Web Hosting packages, we include our high performance SSDs for free. Dedicated Hosting is suitable to host Newspaper, Business, E-commerce, Web Portal, Projects and High Traffic sites.


Why Choosing Harvard Host SSD Dedicated Hosting ?


Cost Savings - You pay for what you use

We are responsible for upgrades and patches to the hardware, maintaining connectivity and providing an optimal physical environment. . Harvard Host takes care of upgrades and patches to your hosting environment. Only pay for what you Use.


Economies Of Scale

We procure hardware, software and connectivity for all our customers. This results in cost savings for them as well as your organization. In a competitive environment these savings get passed on to you leading to cost savings for you.


A Reliable Bandwidth

For your dedicated hosting, if you have leased a 100Mbps connection, you will get the same bandwidth all the time unlike in a shared server environment where you may lose bandwidth because of other tenants sharing it. A reliable bandwidth available all the time.


Reliable Processing

In a dedicated hosting environment, you do not have to worry about the processing power of the CPU, as you will get the processing power you have opted for solely for running your applications.

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