Fully Managed VPS Server Pricing

Why Choosing Harvard Host VPS Hosting


Improved Reliability

The independence of the VPS from other virtual servers on the physical hardware means it does not share its resources. Compared with shared hosting, this makes Harvard Host VPS far more reliable. On shared hosting servers, the traffic and computing activities of other customers can impact on all the others – if two or three customers are experiencing heavy traffic, for example, everyone else might be affected. This can’t happen with a VPS.


Fully Managed Service

If you thought updating to a VPS meant having to manage your own server, you’ll be pleased to know that most hosting companies offer managed VPS hosting where they undertake this responsibility on your behalf. A good provider [Harvard Host] will maintain and update your hardware, the virtualization software and your operating system. They will also apply any security patches on your behalf.


Increased Performance

With more resources dedicated entirely to your business needs, you get far better server performance. Improved processing power and capacity means your website can load quicker on users’ browsers which has been shown to improve user engagement, increase conversion rates and boost your search engine ranking. In addition, it will mean any processes you run on your server will also run quicker and have less impact on other operations taking place.


Software Freedom

When you use shared hosting, you have no choice over the type of operating system you can run, everyone on the shared server has to use the same one. With a VPS, you are free to choose the operating system which best suits your needs. At the same time, some shared hosting accounts limit the types of software you can use. With Harvard Host VPS you are free to run any applications you choose.